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Updated: Jun 27, 2020

You made it! Even though I’ve been developing this idea for awhile, I don’t really know what I’m doing, but that’s the main reason I’m so excited to get started so that way I can either figure it out or have fun not knowing. Like most people, I’ve gone through a lot of transitions and phases that have shaped me into the goal driven woman writing this post. I think change is a heavy influencer over deciding what I want to do in my life. Each bit of change I’ve encountered has presented obstacles that once overcome, provide some sort of guidance on this path of adulthood.

In Spring 2017, I graduated with a B.A in Global and Regional Studies where I studied politics, anthropology, history, and a language focusing on Europe. This major sent me abroad to Rome, Italy for an academic year and taught me so much about the world. I concluded my studies with a thesis about the Slow Food Movement. One third of the Slow Food philosophy is to ensure that food is clean. If food is clean then it’s not harming the environment nor our personal health. In this way, my degree lead me down this path towards a curiosity about food and nutrition. Through learning about food, I not only learned about Europe (because let’s be real, the best way to study Europe is through the stomach), but also more about my type 1 diabetes.

Food has always been center stage for me since being diagnosed in 2002. Type 1 diabetic’s have to know how to read nutrition facts on labels, estimate the carbs of unpackaged foods, blah blah blah (you can read more about this here). As I continued to expand my knowledge of nutrition, I learned how to manage my diabetes in a more holistic way where I don’t depend so heavily on insulin to take care of all the added sugars I was consuming. Instead, I began eating way more fruits and vegetables as well as paying attention to the ingredient lists on packaged foods. This change has been reflecting positively on my diabetes management and has even lowered my hemoglobin A1c significantly. This wasn’t easy and was not overnight. I love anything chocolate and there will always be a spot in my heart for sugar cereals and fake cheese, but there’s definitely balance to be found.

I’m currently taking classes so that one day I can be a Registered Dietitian (RD). This is the dream and I am determined. This way I can combine what I know as type 1 diabetic with what I’ll learn as an RD and basically, save the world. In the meantime, this blog will hopefully be a hub of information leading to that point. I’m grateful for the opportunities that diabetes has presented and I hope this will flow smoothly through this site and mix well with my love of food.

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