Nashville Round-Up

This past weekend, I took a 4 hour flight from California to see some beautiful friends of mine in Music City, U.S.A. This is my first time in The South, and at first I was worried because of my distaste for country music and the high amounts of meat on every menu but the worries were washed away by the whiskey and dancing flooding this city. I had such a spectacular time that I wanted to share with you guys all the places I dined, drank, and photographed!


Black Rabbit

This was our first venture in downtown Nashville. Black Rabbit had a long list of beautiful artisan cocktails that were accompanied by another list next to it of similar cocktails but with slight modifications, such as same juices and syrups but different liquors. This was more than just a bar though because they also had a lovely list of tapas style small plates! We each ordered a dish and none disappointed! My favorite was the root vegetables that were cooked perfectly and had a sauce and crumble on top. We also got a dish of wild mushrooms that were steamed with a creamy sauce.

The set up reminded us of a hipster like living room. There was a cozy fireplace set up, complete with couches and pillows and a live band playing slow jazz. There was an upstairs as well that looked like more formal seating. As you can imagine with these low-key vibes, it was very dark inside, so I don't have any pictures. Definitely a good place to go for a cocktail (as they were a bit pricey) and a small bite!


Best brunch in Nashville (of 2017) was this place. We knew this ahead of time as well as that they don’t take reservations. BUT we went anyways at the peak hour of 11A.M and there was an hour and a half wait. Way worth it though because you can wait in the cute garden area with a cocktail. The fact that they text you when you’re table is ready is super convenient so you can hop across the street to Chuy's for a drink or chips and their jalapeno ranch dip.

Once we were seated, they told us that although there aren’t bottomless mimosas, you get two cocktails for the price on one! This was a fun perk that we weren't expecting since it wasn’t on the menu or anything. Even though all the cocktails had some added sugar, the waitress was super accommodating about only adding a drop of orange juice to my mimosa.

I loved how they organized their menu by separating the eggs from the sweets! The red velvet waffles are apparently the BEST of the sweet but none of us have sweet tooth that early so we all got dishes from the egg section. So much bang for your buck here because none of us could finish our meals and we were totally satisfied. We were a little ambitious and even got a side of truffle parmesan fries for the table and although we stuffed ourselves it looked like we didn’t even make a dent in the tower of fries.


Finding dinner places was a little challenging our second night because the restaurants that sounded most appealing were very expensive (like $20-$30 for an entree expensive). But we also wanted quality food and quality atmosphere. So thank goodness we found Bakersfield, a taco place in downtown Nashville. We arrived around 7:30P.M and had to wait over an hour to be seated. They were having some complications with the seating system which led us to wait longer than we needed to when there were plenty of open tables.

After we were seated, we split a pitcher of margaritas and a side of queso dip that was probably the best queso dip I have ever had. The four of us devoured it and nearly licked the pan clean. The best part of this restaurant was the large list of tacos, each about $4. I got the Hongos Taco containing portobello, poblano peppers, kale slaw and cotija cheese. Absolutely delicious. Another veggie option was the Huitalcoche taco with corn truffles. Mouth watering, right?

Acme Feed & Seed

Our final lunch was after a long night of dancing and we were famished. Acme Feed & Seed had live music, open seating, and a menu of comfort food like biscuits and gravy and bowls of rice and eggs. My dish was called The Hatchery which had coconut rice on the bottom, curried chickpeas and cashews with a fried egg on top. There were three open levels to Acme Feed & Seed with sushi on the second level and then a rooftop bar and seating at the top! What I liked most about here was the set up where you order, pay, get a number and wait for the food to come around. They had an awesome draft beer list that were mostly local brews and one of my friends got a smokey Bloody Mary to pair with her pulled pork and eggs.


Nashville was filled with beautiful street art and murals that presented perfect photo opportunities. For a group of girls who haven’t seen each other in almost two years, we needed to take advantage of all the murals to capture photos together.

Blue & White Stripes

2608 12th Ave S, Nashville, TN

I Believe in Nashville

Just turn your back to the Blue and White wall to see the I Believe in Nashville painted on the opposite side.

Flower Wall & Make Music Not War

What Lifts You Wings

302 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN

These iconic wings were located in The Gulch. A part of Nashville with cute restaurants and coffee shops! Don’t be deterred by the line, everyone was super sweet and understanding when you wanted the perfect picture.

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