Inner Arm Insertion with the Medtronic Guardian Link CGM

After having Type 1 Diabetes for over sixteen years, I've started to run out of spots on my body to insert my pumps and now, CGMs. At first, it was only one needle I had to worry about and that was my pump. But now I have two different devices I have to insert into my body. I've found my inner arm to be my favorite spot for the Guardian Link CGM from Medtronic. You would think this would rub against me as I move my arms, running or walking, but because of it's flatter shape (compared to the Dexcom), it doesn't have any friction!

I don't live on my own- but I also don't like to take the help from the extra hands around me when it comes to inserting my devices in these sometimes hard to reach spots. This spot in particular, is difficult because you lose a hand that comes in handy when removing the needle after insertion. I manage to do it because the spot is worth it- but I get the fear of trying this insertion when you live alone and don't have an extra hand or even the moral support to walk you through it.

SO here I am, to be your moral support and say that you can most definitely try this spot! Watch me not-so-gracefully manage this insertion in the video below. Try this out for yourself and make sure to let me know what you think!