Maui Round-Up

Maui WOWWWIE, alright. I spent 10 days relaxing and I mean RELAXING in Maui, Hawaii. The main reason I look forward to my family’s Maui trips is because it’s my time to do nothing. Sure, there are hikes to take on and waterfalls to swim in, but I take this time to zone out and be present. My family and I have been going to Maui, specifically Kaanapali, for about 10 years now. With that said, we’ve nailed down our favorite restaurants, quick lunches, happy hours and people watching spots.

This post contains all my favorite places to chow down in Maui. Enjoy!

Also, I don’t eat chicken, turkey, pork or beef but I love fish so most of my meals were fish as fresh as they could come.

Paia Fish Market

This has been our first stop off the plane for years now. Located about 20 minutes from the airport, Paia Fish Market is our favorite place for lunch since we usually land around lunch time! The Ahi Tuna burger seems to be the fan favorite, or my parents at least. This time I was a little adventurous and got mahi mahi tacos and 100% do not regret this decision. I think part of it is their tartar sauce to dip the tacos and fries in!

Roy’s Kaanapali

Roy’s has quite a few locations, another one is in Pebble Beach, about an hour from where I am in the Bay Area. The menus are the same but there’s something different about having a Misoyaki Butterfish in Maui versus California.

Lahaina Grill

This is the second top rated restaurant on the island and for good reasons. But because of it's high class (like they offer you a black napkin if you're wearing black so the white linen doesn't shed onto your outfit) the dim lighting makes photos hard to take without being obnoxious. This is disappointing only because this was the best meal of my trip.

For starters, we devoured the cake walk. Three different types of fish cakes: lobster, shrimp and ahi tuna. AMAZING. They all had their own unique sauce which just heightened the whole experience.

My cocktail to start was the cocktail special, Tequila Mockingbird. Already sold on the name, right? This was the best drink I've ever enjoyed. Tequila, pureed pear, and cinnamon! Probably some secret ingredients but this is all I could get out of the bartender.

Main course was fish...I can't remember the type of fish, honestly, but it was a flaky white fish (maybe mahi mahi?) laid on top of smoked mozzarella. The smokiness of the bed of mozzarella had this bacon-like taste without the meat. It was so amazing that at one point I thought there might be bacon in it and didn't even care.

Though dessert was ordered, nothing mattered besides my espresso martini. It really just tasted like a less heavy, more liquid coffee ice cream. Not a huge vodka gal, but I'm a huge espresso gal and that is what's important.

Aloha Mixed Plate

Always a reliable favorite of my family is Aloha Mixed Plate. They got a major glow-up from the last time we were there (2016) because of it's increased popularity, so I'm definitely not joking when I say how good it is. We love love love the coconut shrimp so we started with those and then for the main course, Island Fresh Catch Sandwich (fish of the day was mahi mahi). It's not like me to order a sandwich, but I don't regret going out of character for this baby. Unfortunately, the sammy wasn't very photogenic and I wolfed it down to fast to snap a pic. Pictured below is my dad's dish, the Fresh Island Fish (mahi mahi) served over rice with veggies!

The cocktails here are also very very fun. I got a Jala-pina "Diablo" Margarita - jalapeno, lime shrub, pineapple and of course, tequila! My mom's a sucker for their Mai-Tais. The beach is just beyond those gorgeous cocktails!

Mama's Fish House

Mama's is a local landmark in Maui. The dining experience is unforgettable because of the beauty of enjoying food while looking out onto waves crashing on rocks. Once the sun goes down, though the water isn't nearly as visible, tiki torches are lit and Mama's just glows. All the fish on the menu was caught just hours before, therefore the menu is freshly printed each day. My mom always gets the Panang curry (not pictured) with Uku, Ahi and Mahi Mahi. It's served with macadamia nuts, banana (wild, but great) and mango chutney *drools*

Slappy Cakes

One of the only two locations in the United States, Slappy Cakes is our favorite breakfast spot. Usually my mom and I sneak over while my dad plays golf, and we just indulge in POG (passion, orange, guava) mimosas with our breakfast. Slappy Cakes is known for their make your own pancake style breakfast. You select from their batter options and they bring you over a squeeze bottle for you to design your own pancakes. Kids definitely have a field day with this, but it's also fun for the adults. Their coconut peanut butter to have with the pancakes is SO delicious.

But because pancakes fill me up too much and spike my blood glucose levels a bit, I went with the avocado toast eggs benedict. Toasted sourdough, mashed avo, sauteed kale, perfectly poached eggs - um YUMMY! Easily the best eggs benny of my life.

Sansei Seafood Restaurant & Sushi Bar

Our last night in Maui was filled with ah-mazing sushi and Japanese food. This was my second time at Sansei and this time we made reservations. The first time was without reservations so we arrived to the restaurant 30 or more minutes prior to when it's doors open (5:10 P.M) and waited in a long line. To avoid that, I totally recommend making the reservations and if you're in the first seating, you receive a 20% discount (50% Sunday & Monday) until 6:00 P.M. I wasn't able to snap photos of all the food but it's one of those places where you just order a bunch of rolls and appetizers and split them amongst the group, so that way you can try more stuff!

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