4 Delicious Cocktails That Won't Spike Your Blood Sugar

The holidays are here everyone! Whether you like a sneaky cocktail or shy glass of wine every now and again, the holidays are booked up in events that will more than likely serve one or the other. Type 1 Diabetics are totally able to drink buuuuut like with most things diabetics do, we have to think about it more than others when doing so. As a twenty-something who occasionally socializes and lives with a family of happy hour fanatics, I enjoy having a cocktail or glass of wine.

To make things a little easier for the thirsty diabetic this holiday season, here are some fun cocktails I whipped up with the help of cocktail connoisseur, Alli DelGrippo (@allidelgrippo). I reached out to Alli who works in the alcohol business in Philadelphia, PA and asked her opinion about low carb cocktails. Below you'll find a cocktail for the gin, tequila, vodka or mimosa loving side of you! All these cocktails contain less than 5 grams of sugar, and can be made in no more than 5 minutes!

"May your bubbles be merry, and your spirits be bright,"

- Alli DelGrippo

1. GINger ‘Bucha

For all my fellow gin lovers, here’s a refreshing drink that tingles the taste buds and relaxes the shoulders.

-1.5 oz of gin

-¼ cup club soda

-¼ cup Health Ade Ginger Kombucha

-Squeeze of a lemon

-Fresh mint

Muddle up some mint in a shaker, throw in some ice and pour over the rest of the ingredients! Strain, top with mint garnish and enjoy!

2. Tequila Watermelon

Watermelon & tequila are great drinking partners. Watermelon doesn't have a lot of sugar but still has a light, sweetness that is cut with some lime to make a refreshing cocktail.

-1.5 oz. of tequila

-4 muddled cubes of watermelon

-½ cup of club soda

-Just a tad bit of agave

-Squeezed lime

First, muddle up the watermelon cubes in a shaker and add ice and the rest of the ingredients. Strain and drink!

3. Tito’s Classic

This classic club soda and vodka with a wheel of lime and orange is refreshing and slightly sweet!

-1.5 oz of Tito’s vodka

-Wheel of orange

-Wheel of lime

-½ cup of club soda

Pour Tito’s vodka and club soda over ice, put the wheels on the rim of the glass to serve. When ready to drink, put the orange and lime in the glass for flavor!

4. Bubbly Blueberry

Adding a bit of sweetness to a glass of sparkling wine never hurt nobody! This one definitely won't be spiking your Blood Glucose levels, but make sure to bolus for the dash lavender syrup!

- Blueberries

-Sparkling wine

-Lavender syrup

Muddle the blueberries in a shaker, pour the bubbly over and add a dash of lavender syrup! Strain and sip!

Remember to always always always drink responsibly. With Type 1 Diabetes, you have to take certain precautions when drinking. Check on your blood glucose levels as frequent as possible and stay away from super fruity, juicy cocktails that will spike your blood sugar! To learn more about my experience learning how to drink with Type 1 Diabetes, check out my blog post: How to Drink and Bolus

Have some friends over, put together a cheese plate and enjoy the buzz of the holidays and these drinks!

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