Seattle Round-Up

The girl descended from the Emerald Aisle takes on the Emerald City! A dear friend of mine recently moved to Seattle, WA and her birthday just happened to fall on the day of my last final exam, so how could I not head up North to celebrate?! As I do in most places I visit, I ate like a pig and drank like a fish. I found some amazing coffee spots, cocktail bars, grub hubs that I want to share with the you beautiful people of the internet!



Asian-fusion, lychee cocktails, fresh fish and beautiful handcrafted rolls.

Sugar Bakery & Cafe

When there’s a veggie breakfast sandwich then there’s a Ciara eating one. This veggie sammy had perfectly caramelized onions and accompanied with a slow drip coffee… *drools*

Some Random Bar

A place confusing to tell people who are trying to meet you, but also a place with beautiful gin cocktails and an impossible burger where the name actually makes sense.

Mecca Cafe

Classic breakfast diner meets punk rock. A place that won’t bat an eye if you have two Bloody Maria’s before noon.

Kiki Ramen

A downtown spot for Ramen during the workday. Super fast and super good. I always judge a good ramen by the egg, and this perfectly poached egg just mellllllted into my broth in the most seductive way possible.


​​Mostly here for cocktails but seared shrimp & pork bao buns nearly made me fall off my stool. Though it might’ve been my gin and pineapple rum cocktail (Hart to Hart) or the Transfusion cocktail (see below).

Biscuit Bitch

Warmly welcomed with a “What’s up, bitch?” and bid adieu with a “Bye, Bitch!” this place was perfect for a quick solo breakfast to jump start a day walking through Seattle. I had the Easy Bitch (and of course, made it veg bitch)- two over easy eggs, shiitake mushroom gravy smothered over two warm as cheeks biscuits.


Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room

Here, like the true tourist I was being, had a beautiful eggnog and rum extract “mocktail.” My dude, Kristian with K, threw together some whiskey/chocolate bitters with some of their Christmas Reserve Espresso, then strained it in a coupe glass and for the finishing touches, dusted cinnamon and nutmeg on top- creating the beauty below.

Espresso Vivace

The closest I’ve had to a true Italian Espresso in a hot minute. Any place with that plus a comfy red chair for reading is A+ in my book.

Victrola Coffee Roasters

Another great lil coffee spot if you’re trying to get work done while enjoying some decadent coffee. They also serve their espresso with a side of sparkling water just like in Italy, which made my heart and tummy happy.


Elliot Bay Book Company

I spent wayyyyy too long here. I love getting lost in a good bookstore and this one was bumpin’ with Christmas spirit and comfy chairs just begging to be read in.

Pike Place Market

Fresh veggies and people walking around with bouquets all the damn time? Sign me up!

While I stumbled through the streets of Capitol Hill for french fries at Dicks and sang karaoke with strangers I met at a bar when I was just trying to watch Star Wars on T.V, I fell head over heels for this glistening little city. I can't wait to return. Thank you for reading!