Balanced Bulletproof Coffee

​Trying not to do the thing where you have to read ALL about the product before just getting straight to the recipe BUT I have to tell you why I started making this coffee almost daily. This is like a bulletproof coffee (coffee high in fat to keep you full longer, throughout the day etc.) - that never appealed to me because if I want to be full… I’ll eat food… I love coffee but I also love breakfast and I don’t think those two are synonymous and never should be.

Most of my workouts start between 8A.M-9A.M and I don’t get up until about an hour before. This is because I want to make sure my Blood Glucose levels are ready to go and so that I can fill my tummy a bit before. Oh and to drink my double espresso. I’m a big believer in making sure not to workout on an empty stomach but I also don’t want to make any of my favorite breakfasts before a workout. That takes too much time and fills my stomach too much. I’m not trying to lose my breakfast all over the barre studio, ya know? So I usually opt for half a bar (Rx, Larabar, Perfect are some of my go-tos!) with my morning espresso.

Okay now we’re getting to the coffee.

I don’t wake up starving but my workout is much more enjoyable and efficient when my stomach isn’t growling and I really feel like I have more energy. The times I’ve gone straight to the workout without a bite, leave me running to the kitchen to stuff my face after and I just don’t find that enjoyable. I wanted something that can hold me over, provide me my macronutrients, and wake me up before my morning workouts. Thus was born the Balancing Bulletproof!

My coffee dose is usually a double espresso, nothing else. I like my coffee strong and bitter. I don't add anything like cream or sugar so this was a big change for me! But this drink gives my body so many more nutrients and good food while tasting SO DANG AMAZING. After blending up the ingredients, there's a smooth foam created and each sip is rich and creamy. YUMMY. If you don't like your coffee strong, just modify the ingredients a tad until you get your desired flavor! By following the recipe below, it won't have a strong coffee taste especially if using flavored collagen or sweetened nut milks!

Enjoy and please feel free to shoot me a message if you like it and tag me in your posts if you try it!

What you’ll need:

  • -6 oz hot water

  • -2 shots of espresso

  • -A dash of cinnamon

*Modest Mylk is a fun little find I found on Thrive Market! It's a nut mylk BASE. Meaning, you mix with water then refrigerate to make your own nut milk with SO much less waste. Each jar saves 11 cartons that would usually be used to sell mylk!

How To:

Putting the teaspoon of ghee at the bottom of the cup, pour the hot water over so it starts melting! Add the espresso, milk, date syrup, cinnamon and then lastly - add the collagen protein RIGHT before blending it up in a Nutribullet or blender to avoid clumping!

How I Bolus:

I bolus for about 10g carbs for this baby, depending on how much date syrup you use and what kind of protein powder/collagen I'm using! Because it's a first thing in the morning kind of beverage, my BG is much more susceptible to spiking or at least trending up so I bolus with that in mind!

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