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I’m a twenty-something trying to be a twenty-something while managing my Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). I love barre, I frequent happy hours, I love being outside and I’m a student but I also have to check my Blood Glucose (BG) levels and inject insulin multiple times a day for all those yummy carbs out there. Oh by the way, I love food. I am pescatarian, meaning I eat fish but not poultry or red meat, but other than that, not much stands in between me and food. Except really, really spicy things but I’m working on that one. 

Balance is key on those days where I accept my Type 1 Diabetes. “Those days”? Why isn’t it everyday? It’s because I don’t have the answer to living a happy life with Type 1 Diabetes every. single. day There will still be bad days. But there’s also good days, and that is how balance works. I try and find a balance on this platform, with recipes, travel round-ups,  and revelations about my career as a Type 1 Diabetic! 

Type 1 Diabetes adds a layer of complexity to what should be a carefree time in my life. I should be nursing hangovers, exploring the sights of the world and spending as much time on my couch reading as I very well please. Viewing diabetes in a negative light is easy with the unpredictability of blood sugars and sleepless nights, but the days where I accept that I have this disease are much less tiresome. Fighting a disease that isn’t going to quit takes a lot of energy that I don’t need to use. I need to use that energy for the reasons listed at the beginning of this paragraph. 

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