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Things I'm currently lovin' as of

September 2023

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I'm snacking on...


I started shopping at Trader Joes in 2021 and I'm happy with this decision. I recently discovered their hashbrowns and I'm obsessed. I have one on Saturday and Sunday mornings and they really help me get through the week. I put cream cheese and smoked salmon (the Everything But the Bagel Salmon from TJs) and it was the best breakfast snack ever.

I also like their cauliflower rounds. I'm not really one for bread substitutes but I see it less as a bread sub and more of just like a different snack altogether. They have this spongey texture and cauliflower taste that goes well with avocado or cream cheese and...smoked salmon (again). 

I'm reading...

Girl, Woman, Other by Bernadine Evaristo. 

Last book I read: Room by Emma Donoghue

Let's be book buds on Good Reads!

I'm watching...

Killing Eve has been my obsession.

This show keeps me on my toes and constantly scared... I love the bad guys which is so conflicting!

A movie I recently watched was I Care A Lot starring Rosamund Pike. This is a comedic thriller that really kept me guessing what would happen next and up until the last second, I had no idea. On Netflix!

I've also watched Barb & Star twice and it was definitely laugh-out-loud funny but I don't know why I watched it twice. It's an easy-going funny film with Kristen Wigg so obviously isn't going to be the WORST but I'd recommend just waiting for it to be available for streaming.

I'm proud of...

Making it to my 26th birthday with as much grace as I could muster up! This birthday is one I'm particularly proud of because it means I was kicked off my parents' insurance and had to go down the unpleasant rabbit hole of finding proper insurance that will take care of me and my broken pancreas. 

I was able to be approved by Medi-Cal and will be able to get great health coverage through the government. Bu this process was really tiring and frustrating, there were a lot of tears and hair pulling because I felt like I had this fast-approaching deadline that if I couldn't meet then I risked the chance of running out of insulin, or pump supplies, or my CGM! Anyways, that's all covered and next is figuring out how to get therapy covered...

I'm listening to...

I'm grateful for...

Living with my parents. Honestly! I've been insecure about this in the past but listen, I love the Bay Area. California is absolutely fantastic but it is VERY expensive. While I'm finishing up the last year of my Food & Nutrition degree, living in my parents' backyard is the best place to be. I'm a short drive to the most beautiful mountains and glorious beaches in the world, and get to spend time with my family and watch my little brother grow up.


So yes, I'm going to enjoy the heck out of living rent-free before starting my dream career. How lucky am I?


I was also recently taken on a weekend trip with some friends where we camped, hiked the coast and visited wineries and it just really made me appreciate my HOME. Grateful for family and friends, always. 

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