I'm reading...

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. This book came highly recommended by a lot of friends and sounded like the perfect buffer between intense crazy books. So far, the story is slower paced but follows a man living in a hotel in Moscow, Russia in 1922.

Last book I read: Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

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I'm snacking on...

My family and I have recently discovered and fully indulged in the wonders of a nearby market that sells mostly Arabic foods from pickles to fresh hummus and house-made DOLMAS! 

Dolmas are rice stuffed grape leaves that are about the size of my thumb and are the perfect little snack for in between meals. The rice is just enough to give me some carbs/energy but without me having to worry about spiking or anything. These dipped in the hummus is absolute perfection!

I'm grateful for...

Living with my family during this time. I am very fortunate to live with my family while I finish my studies right now but now that the pandemic is happening and we are ordered to stay home, having people around me all the time is great for this extrovert. 

I've been especially grateful to spend extra time with my younger brother who is in high school and I know that any day now, he will think I'm the un-coolest person in the world.


Things I'm currently lovin' as of

May 2020

I'm watching...

WHAT AM I NOT WATCHING RIGHT NOW! Currently, I have shows for every mood I'm in. Before bed, when I need something uplifting and positive but also engaging and artistic, I watch High Maintenance on HBOGO. 

When I want a good laugh mixed with some drama, Barry with Bill Hader and Henry Winkler is fantastic. Great show.

I did just finish binge watching Mindy Kaling's new show, Never Have I Ever, which was adorable but also had me full fledged bawling at the end.

Lastly, Outerbanks, I had to hop on the train when I saw John B in the trailer - I'M SORRY!

I'm proud of...

Finishing my first full year in my Dietetics program at the University of Alabama! I took it easy with classes the last two semesters to get a feel for the program and school but I am 100% positive now that I absolutely love it.

I was happy I could focus on school enough to finish these classes with good grades this semester, too! Though my studies are always online because it is a distance program, not being able to go to my local coffee shops and breweries to study was difficult!