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My Pantry

Welcome to my pantry! I'm sharing some of my pantry staples from snacks to ingredients I use on the reg. I shop most of my stuff off of Thrive Market. Thrive sells all the goodies for whole sale prices while you pay a yearly membership.


Get 25% off your first order with Thrive here

Amazing Grass Protein Powder

I LOVE adding this to my smoothies because no matter how many greens you put in those things, this will make it taste good while giving you vitamins and nutrients you need to get through your day!

Lara Bars

LARA BARS - these have always been a favorite of mine but I love the coconut and cacao taste in these while grabbing some greens!


I'm a little over the chickpea pasta trend so I got this one from Thrive!

Cauli Hot Cereal

Low carb on-the-go alternative to oatmeal! Doesn't spike the Blood Glucose levels

Medjool Dates

Medjool Dates that make a great dessert when stuffed with almond butter

Lesser Evil Popcorn

My favorite movie, The Bachelorette, just chillin' snack

Oat Milk

Fave kind of Oat Milk for my bulletproof coffee

That's It Fruit Bars

Great for low snacks! The perfect size to fix a low without overcompensating!


I'm such a sucker for a tuna salad- add some mayo, celery, red onion and yummm

Mary's Gone Crackers

I love these seedy, crunchy crackers for cheese plates, or with cubes of avocado!

NUUN tablets

These are easily dissolvable in water to help keep you hydrated in the heat/after a tough workout!

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